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Poly Tubing

The price of tubing is the same for each thickness. The length of the roll changes however. For example a thicker roll will have a shorter overall length.
Use a Heat sealer to create your own custom bag length!!

$30 Minimum Order

Select a size below
  • 1.5 mil Standard thickness (suitable for light to medium-weight packaging needs)
  • 2 mil Medium thickness (suitable for packaging books, magazines, cloth, etc.)
  • 4 mil Heavy (tough enough for gravel, nuts, bolts, screws and metal or wood items)
  • 6 mil Extra-Heavy (These extra-strength bags can really take it! Test them with your tougher storing and packaging jobs. Excellent for wood chips, marbles, ice, hardware, toys, and auto parts.)

  • Sizes are displayed "Width x Height (Thickness)"
  • Sizes in inches

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