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Shrink Bags New!

Shrink bags provide the easiest, fastest, and most economical way to shrink wrap any item, and make gift baskets. Shrink bags come in rectangular and dome shapes and they are available in different sizes. Shrink bags speed up the packaging operation. They are ideal for the music, gift basket, publication, soap, candle, and other similar industries. The dome shape shrink bags are commonly refer to as gift basket bags; and they are designed specifically for baskets with handles or oval and round baskets. The arc of the shrink bag will fit perfectly around the handle without leaving "dog ears". When used with round or oval backet, it also gives a no "dog ears" effect. Vent holes in the shrink bags prevent ballooning.

To determine the bag size you need:
Measure the package around its widest point, add 10% to the number, and divide by 2 to determine the width of your bag. Measure the package around its tallest point, add 10% to the number, and divide by 2 to determine theheight of your bag. If the size you need is not available, a larger size can be used because the shrink bag has a 50% overall shrink.

An alternative way to make spectacular gift baskets using rectangular, square, or dome shape shrink bags is to allow enough film material on top so a ribbon can be tie in place. Then heat shrink the bag around the basket.

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